Atai Gemino

Hi, I’m Atai Gemino

I’m a cosplay visual materials creator for brands, which want to elevate their marketing efforts. With a focus on creating tailored, eye-catching cosplay-themed photographs, videos, and props, I work closely with business owners and marketing managers to bring their unique visions to life. With my products you can achieve success in marketing for your product.

My passion for gaming, movies, comics, and fandom fuels my innovative approach to cosplay and makes me the ideal choice for those looking to stand out and make a bold impact in their marketing endeavors.

Sara Ryder from Mass Effect Andromeda costume by Atai game industry marketing

History of Personal Creation

My journey as a creator in the cosplay world started over ten years ago, when I set out to perfect myself in every aspect of cosplay: costume making, photography, acting, and social media. My relentless pursuit for excellence led me to develop a loyal fanbase and achieve recognition in the cosplay community, through numerous awards and accolades.

However, my pursuit for perfection was never satisfied and I found myself at a crossroads, feeling discouraged and unfulfilled. But then, two disastrous cosplay-themed advertisements caught my attention and sparked a newfound inspiration within me.

I realized that I had the power to not only perfect my own creations, but also to elevate others’ through my expertise. I could bring professionalism to the world of marketing by impactful cosplay-themed visual materials that would leave a positive impression on audiences.

Today, I offer simple solutions to complex problems, creating visually stunning materials for your campaigns that will ensure they stand out and leave a lasting impact. I am Atai Gemino, bringing my passion and mastery to the forefront of your marketing efforts.

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My values


I value the ability to bring new and unique ideas to life, and I’m constantly seeking new ways to express my imagination


honesty and individuality is important to me. I’m driven to create work that is true to myself and my vision


I push boundaries and bring new groundbreaking ideas to the world


I love what I’m doing – I channel my energy and creativity into meaningful projects


the world around inspires me. New sources of inspiration are fuel to my creativity


my work gives me opportunity to express myself. I’m driven to share my unique perspectives and ideas with the world