Marketing indie games

Ahri from League of Legends by Atai marketing indie games

Is marketing indie games on your mind? Did you ever wondered how it is possible that League of Legends or Nier:Automata are that popular? I know that the answer is complex.
Imagine the variety of marketing materials they have.
Imagine that they are getting to different types of gamers.

Now imagine that your game too can be as popular as them.

Let’s join forces and create something stunning to promote your game or brand. I will create cosplay themed marketing materials for you.

💰 I don’t have budget for that
Creating costume can be very expensive. But this is not something that should stop us to taking your marketing efforts into next level. The price range depends on the costume complexity and number of marketing materials you want to have. Let’s chat about the details so I can find perfect solution for you.

🏃‍♂️ I have other things on mind now!
I know, I know, you have other priorities right now. Conferences, game development… However creating decent marketing materials can take time from 2 up to 8 weeks. Do you really think there will be better time than now?

🚷 Great idea with cosplay, I will do this on my own
Of course you can and I’m the first person to encourage you to try cosplay yourself. Or you can ask your friend who is recently into cosplay. But don’t you think this should be prepared in a more professional way? Don’t waste your resources on something that you won’t use anyway. I’m cosplaying for 10 years now. I know all the tiny aspects of how to look stunning in costume and how to create great marketing materials. I’ll get you covered professionally

🎣 This is definately not for my product
Of course it may be a little bit more difficult for some games or gaming products to create appropriate marketing materials. And in the beginning you may think it’s definetly not something for you. Nevertheless let’s chat. I believe that even for the fishing simulator I’ll have something for you.

🤔 I need to think about it
Sure, take your time. But remember that creating costume may also take time. Do you have it? If you will wait too long it may be to little time to create something you are dreaming of and you will need to resign of some features.

Level Up Your Marketing Potential with Cosplay Visual Materials