PearButter cosplay from My Little Pony

This is a collaboration costume of PearButter cosplay from My Little Pony . I made it for marketing purpose for promotion of StrayCat Crafts plushies.

Learn how my visual materials helped Koleta, a plushie creator from StrayCatCraft to boost her Etsy store traffic by 5️⃣ times.

🐈 I had a pleasure to work with a collectible plushie creator Koleta from StrayCatCraft. She is a dedicated artist. She is a perfectionist. She makes her plushies with all the details you ever imagine.

🎨 She explores different fields of art and wants to master it. She wanted to boost her store traffic but she didn’t want to deep dive into marketing. She’s an expert in her field.

🙋‍♀️ She asked me if I could make anything for her to increase her chances of selling her products.

💲 Since she didn’t have big budget to spend on marketing I suggested making costume inspiried by her product – a plushie of Pear Butter from My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic. And because I know the given series I was able to not only look like a human version of a plushie but also I kept the vibe which is present along the My Little Pony series.

📃 I suggested that we need to concentrate on her visibility in her client’s channels (FB, IG, TikTok, Reddit). I prepared couple photo and video materials for her social media and store and made a shoutout on my 90k+ social media channels.

I also made couple of videos on TikTok in that cosume, and posted those photos on Reddit on relevant channel.

The campaign was held for one month.

📈 With my 10yrs+ skills of costume creation, posing, photography and my social media volume (90k+) I boosted her store traffic by 5 times only for this one month.

♻ And…. Because of the unlimited usage of those visual materials she can use them again if she wants to redo the campaign in social media or print them and use them on her booth at the event. How much more traffic will this bring? I can only imagine.

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